Nusreta Kepeš

Associate Professor

Nusreta Kepeš

Born in Zenica in 1964. He completed his elementary, Economics and Secondary Music school in his hometown. He continues his academic education at the Pedagogical academy in Sarajevo, where he graduated in 1989 from the Department of preschool education. After the academy, he continued his studies at the Faculty of Pfhilosophy in Sarajevo, where he graduated from the Department of Pedagogy.

In 2005, in cooperation with the University of Finland at Joensu and the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, he completed his postgraduate studies and obtained the title of Master of educational sciences/sciences in the field of Individualization and inclusion. Doctor of social sciences degree, narrow field of science Pedagogy acquired in 2011 at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zenica.

Nusreta Kepeš has also completed a five-year specialization in Transactional analysis and is in the final stages of preparing an international psychotherapist exam (Transactional analysis). Since 2009 he has been working as a transactional practitioner psychotherapist, under the supervision of TSTA supervisor (Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst), which is accredited before BIHOTE and EATE.

In addition to specialist clinical practice at the Cantonal institute for the fight against addiction and the Center for mental health in Zenica, practical work in the field of psychotherapy is gained in the non-governmental sector, centers for social work, homes for children without parental care, geriatric centers, etc. During their professional careers has passed the path of kindergarten teacher, music teacher in elementary school, teacher of pedagogy in high school, educator in homes for children without parental care, educator in the center for social work, senior assistant, assistant professor, associate professor, consultant, advisor and trainer in non-governmental sector, thereby achieving maximum continuity in the profession.

She has been employed at the Islamic Faculty of Pedagogy in Bihać since 2014 and is the head of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Spiritual Care. She was recognized for her active work and contribution to the development of the IPF in Bihać, on the occasion of marking her 20 years of work and the existence of the IPF in Bihać. As an active reference participant and author of presentations, she has participated in numerous seminars, conferences and congresses both in BiH and abroad Cambodia, Italy, Macedonia, Switzerland, Iran, Hungary, Turkey, Uganda, Montenegro, Serbia, Switzerland, Norway, Finland , Austria…).

A number of scientific papers have been published in indexed journals, manuals and in proceedings, co-authored book sections, which are of particular social and educational importance. She is the author of the university textbook Social pedagogy for the prevention and re-socialization of behavioral disorders in children and adolescents ”.

In cooperation with the Federal and cantonal ministries of education, the Ministry of social policy participated in the implementation of numerous domestic and international projects. Worked on review of textbooks, proceedings and edited several educational lists and web portals. She is the president of the Montessori society in BiH.