International exchange

The Islamic Faculty of Pedagogy (IFP) has a very well developed international cooperation that takes place through the international exchange of students and staff with partner universities and educational, research and other partner institutions and networks of cooperation from Europe.

Our team:
MA Dijana Sulejmanović, a coordinator
PhD Hakija Kanurić, a member
PhD Nusreta Kepeš, a member
BA Arijana Midžić, a member

Our mission is to strengthen the internationalization of the IFP by presenting this institution as a modern university of European quality.
Our values are reflected in the tradition of international cooperation, a culture of openness to foreign students, teachers and associates from the region but also wider, raising awareness of international relations among our students and staff members (IFP is active in mobility programs, such as Erasmus + and Mevlana).
In addition to this, our team is also responsible for:
• MOBILITY: By participating in mobility programs, our team promotes programs, prepares calls and texts, prepares application documents, and sends them to partner universities and acts as a mediator between student, academic and administrative staff and partner university, in cooperation with the University International Relations Office;
• INFO DAYS / WORKSHOPS: In order to inform students, academic and administrative staff about mobility programs and other international projects, our service organizes information days and workshops providing all information on current vacancies, opportunities and helps with the application of interested candidates;
• WELCOME DAY: following the good practice of partner universities from the European Union and beyond, our team organizes a Welcome Day and an orientation program aimed at informing students with our faculty, providing them with all the necessary academic and practical information. Within the orientation program, students will get acquainted with our students who have also participated in exchange projects;
• COOPERATION WITH ACADEMIC COORDINATORS: In order provide successful implementation of credit mobility, our team cooperates with the academic coordinators of the organizational units of the University of Bihac in providing the necessary academic information;
• PUBLICATIONS: For better promotion, our team is active in the design of various publications and brochures on international programs as well as on the better presentation of the IFP;
• SOCIAL PAGES: Our team is very active in promotion of international relations through various social networks: Facebok | YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIN.

 Our programmes abroad provide the perfect opportunity to learn about different cultures and traditions. You’ll experience a completely different way of life first-hand, as you live and work in the heart of some of the most fascinating cultures in the world. You’ll also become part of our global network of volunteers. You’ll build international connections, learn about volunteers from around the world, and make lifelong friends. Our international cultural exchange programmes are a chance for a completely unique experience. You’ll get to know different countries in a way you wouldn’t as a tourist.
Join one of our cultural exchange programmes abroad and broaden your perspective of the world!